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Clowning Around Podcast

May 23, 2023

How can you really become a thought leader?  What does that really mean and what is the difference between that and being an expert? Join Em and Barbara as they chat this and so much more with Nicky Billou.  

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About Nicky Billou:

Nicky is the author of the book Finish Line Thinking™: How To Think & Win Like a Champion. An ex-corporate executive, he has become THE trusted adviser to CEOs and top performers in real estate for optimizing high performance and personal health. Nicky has worked with Olympic Gold medalists Donovan Bailey & Mark McKoy, helped Theresa Dugwell set 3 ultra-distance athletic Guinness World Records, and now coaches Steve Anderson, aka the Gold Medal Coach; Head Coach of the Canadian National Team Beach Volleyball Program, on optimizing energy, fitness, and performance. He brings this expertise to business leaders and top performers in business and industry. He is a much sought after speaker in the world of entrepreneurship; speaking to entrepreneurs about How to Think & Win Like A Champion.

Nicky is an avid health enthusiast, committed to being the fittest 40-something year old man he can possible be, and inspiring others to do the same.  He is a father of 2 young boys, and the three of them love going tobogganing together, and watching Pixar movies in theatre.  He is an avid reader, and mostly of novels, and he has written a children’s book for his boys, called Cathy Capitalist and Johnny Jobmaker:   The Video Game Company.  He is working on his first novel.  He is also committed to successful marriages, and empowering men to connect with their innate sense of honor and being the best husbands and fathers they can be.