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Clowning Around Podcast

Jun 25, 2024

Join Em on the final episode of Clowning Around.. yes it is true this will be the last episode – find out why and what is next… 

Jun 18, 2024

Join Em as we chat to Sabah all things football, queerness, identity, ADHD and success in Playing in Many Spaces – Sabah is a force of nature, a force for good and one of the best guests I have ever had.  Enjoy!

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Instagram: Marta_wfc / Lezbeunited_fc


Jun 11, 2024

What really makes a good leader?  What can we learn from horses?  What happens when we open our heart and look into the mirror with kindness?  Join Em as she chats to Monique about all this and more. 

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Instagram: @Monique_Borst 

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May 28, 2024

How can you really lead from a place of deep growth and include adventure in your life?  Em and Josh chat all this and so much more.  Hear a founders journey to really living the life he wants.

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Instagram: josh.zweig1


May 21, 2024

We all have them.  Some we like, some we struggle with – what can we do to change our relationship to moods and emotions so we can live a more easeful life.  We all need to know how we can be in charge of ourselves and what we can do to truly look after how we feel.  Join Em as she chats to Rachel as they explore...