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Clowning Around Podcast

Jun 7, 2022

How do we heal?  What does that even mean?  Can we really be happier and find our way to happiness?  What role can ceremony and ritual play in helping us heal.  Join Em and her Clown Barbara as we chat all things healing and even get to share how knitting can and has healed the world!

Get In Touch With Aysha:

Facebook: Aysha Bell / Aysha bell wellness

Instagram: ayshabellwellness

LinkedIn: aysha bell /Ayshabellwellness

Twitter: aysha bell wellness

About Aysha Bell:

Aysha is a yoga teacher, wellness facilitator. She helps people she’s working with heal themselves through various practices like yoga, breathwork, meditation and reiki. We can only help people heal themselves that are open to be healed. She is a 5th generation healer and now working with plant medicines as her great, great grandmother did. She has an online store, selling candles, tea, crystals and frankincense and gift boxes to aid meditation.