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Clowning Around Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Join Em Stoud and Barbara as they Clown Around all things Money and our psychology of it.  How do we relate to money?  What makes us move into places of shame around money?  How can we shift our relationship with money.  What is the difference between men and women and how they relate to money?  How does Barbara give Brian a pay rise?  And much much more..

Mary’s Social Media:

Instagram: @marythefenwick


Twitter: @mjfenwick

About Mary Fewnwick:

Mary is a journalist and executive coach, with a background in professional networking and corporate public affairs. For the last eight years she’s been the agony aunt for Psychologies magazine, dealing with problems from coercive control to “should I get a cat?”. Her coaching clients are people who want to put their ego to one side, and learn from the latest leadership research.