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Clowning Around Podcast

Aug 3, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things Leadership with Fiona.  How has it been leading Merlin Entertainments through the pandemic?  What makes us good or not so good leaders?  What can we do to improve ourselves and our organsitaion through good leadership? What do Barbara and her have in common and will she want a onesie?  Plus much much more…

Fiona’s Social Media:

Facebook: Fiona Eastwood

Instagram: Fiona.eastwood.14

LinkedIn: Fiona Eastwood

About Fiona Eastwood:

Fiona Eastwood is a member of the Executive team at Merlin Entertainments as Chief Operating Officer of  Midway attractions encompassing the existing Midway estate, new openings and franchise operations across over 100+ sites across UK, Europe, US & APAC.   She recently became a Trustee of the charity ‘Only a Pavement Away’ the charity that supports ex-offenders, veterans and homeless into jobs within hospitality industry.

Her career prior to Merlin has been largely in media and broadcasting with senior Brand and marketing positions at BBC Worldwide and BBC public service – as Managing Director, Consumer Products and Commercial Director for one of the BBC’s biggest international brands, Doctor Who.

Fiona is a passionate advocate for diversity & inclusion, mentoring a number of people across the industry and an executive sponsor for Diversity & Inclusion at Merlin.