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Clowning Around Podcast

Jul 20, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbara as they chat all things Comedy and Business.  How can business be enhanced by comedy?  How does the world of comedy translate into business?  Why are we all so scared of using humour at work?  What does Barbara really think of the stock exchange?  How can a lightness of touch enhance you and your world of work and much much more…

Julia Streets’ Social Media:

 Instagram: juliastreets

 LinkedIn: Julia Streets

 Twitter: streets_julia

 About Julia Streets:

 Julia Streets is an entrepreneur, MC, host, speaker and recovering stand up comedian. 

 She has tread the boards of some of the most prestigious comedy stages including the iconic comedy store in London’s Leicester Square and gigged with icons of comedy biggest names, dropping John Cleese as one. 

 In her business life she is the founder and CEO of a global business development, marketing and communications consultancy. She and her team work with financial services and technology firms around the world, from startups to some of the world's largest financial institutions. 

 Brummell Magazine, known as the 'City’s little black book', has recognised Julia a number of times - as one of their 30 Inspirational Women Influencers,30 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs and 30 Inspirational Women on Boards. In 2018, Julia was a finalist at the Variety ‘Catherine Awards’ celebrating the UK's most inspirational women. 

 Julia is regularly called up to host conferences, debates and discussions and has interviewed some of the most senior executives around the world. 

 She - like me - loves the medium of podcast and is the host of her own talking about diversity and inclusion in financial services. With listeners in 50+ countries, she’s been named one of the world’s leading diversity and inclusion champions and DiverCity Podcast has been listed one of the most influential D&I podcasts globally.