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Clowning Around Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

Life.  Big subject.  Who better to talk it through with that Krishna – a Gurkha, Ex SAS and so much more.  His thoughts on life are so worth listening to.  Join Em Stroud and him for an amazing (quick warning though this episode is DEEP!!!) chat.

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Oct 18, 2022

Laugh Think Play is happening.  The new global movement to Simply make you feel better is gathering more and more energy.  In this very special episode you will meet Jo, Anna and Sarah who are my co founders of Laugh, Think, Play.

We find out why you should get involved in our new movement – why they are so excited to...

Oct 11, 2022

How do you tell good stories in business and life?  Why is it important?  How can it help you get the customers and clients that you want and be a tool for good?  What do you need to do to overcome your fear in speaking.. Join Em Stroud and Barbra as we chat this and so much more..


Oct 4, 2022

Imposter syndrome – have we all had it, felt it or be challenged by it at some point in our lives?  Join Kevin and Em as we chat all things about how it is human to have doubts about ourselves, what we can do when we find ourselves in that place and so much more. Oh and we are joined by Ems Clown Barbara as usual who...