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Clowning Around Podcast

May 18, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbara as they chat all things Style with Lizzie Edwards.  How do we need to think about style post lockdown?  What does style mean to her and us and how do we create our own sense of style?  How does Barbara create her own unique look and does it involve knitting?  What steps can we take so we can be truly happy in our style? And much much more…

Lizzie’s Social Media:

Instagram: @LizzieEdwardsUK


About Lizzie:

Lizzie Edwards is the UK’s leading professional personal brand stylist, style coach and founder of Elevate style membership.  Specialising in female leaders, business owners and professional women with ambition, Lizzie’s transformational process supports women to create an authentic style and wardrobe that reflects character, accentuates competence and elevates self-confidence.

Lizzie’s process, created and refined following 15 years of working with hundreds of working women, professionals and entrepreneurs, is distilled in her best-selling book, Look Like the Leader you are; a 7-step Style Strategy for Ambitious Women.  

Lizzie’s unique Elevate style membership provides a unique and supportive opportunity for members. It supports and inspires women who are investing in their own personal brand, style and wardrobe transformation, providing exclusive content, regular masterclasses and a community of like-minded members.

Lizzie’s mission is to use her passion and expertise to help women feel good and act with confidence so that they can grow the businesses they want, fulfil the career ambitions they have and show up as the leaders they are.