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Clowning Around Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

Psychedelics to make us better leaders and people?  How can they help us explore who we truly are and challenge our own beliefs?  There is a lot of research going on currently in the world about the benefits of using psychedelics – in this episode Em and her Clown Barbara chat to two of the worlds leading lights in how psychedelics can help us all.  It’s a truly fascinating chat!!

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Twitter: @alalaho_

About Alalaho:

Alalaho offers safe and legal psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands that help open people to the wisdom and potential at the core of their being. Preparation and integration are key to their approach: They optimise set and setting to help participants get the most out of their experience and support them in weaving any insights gained back into their everyday life.

Stefana and Jennifer have worked with psychedelics personally since their early twenties, and been holding psychedelic ceremonies themselves since 2017. Their skill set spans Western somatic and transpersonal psychotherapy, as well as ancient wisdom traditions across different cultures and times such as Tibetan Buddhism and the shamanic lineages of the Americas. This psycho-spiritual approach is reflected in their retreats, which explore the various dimensions of our human experience: the relationship with ourselves, with others, with the natural world and the mystery of life.