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Clowning Around Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

Life.  Big subject.  Who better to talk it through with that Krishna – a Gurkha, Ex SAS and so much more.  His thoughts on life are so worth listening to.  Join Em Stroud and him for an amazing (quick warning though this episode is DEEP!!!) chat.

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About Krishna Thapa

One of the first Gurkha to pass selection into the SAS, Krishna served as head of the Mountain Troops and faced the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Krishna is a world-class, high-altitude Mountaineer, and has guided blind and deaf people, amputees, Parkinson’s sufferers, and Veterans battling PTSD on expeditions in Africa, Europe, and the Himalayas of Nepal. Even completing a world first by guiding a double above knee amputee to trek to Everest base camp!  

Krishna now dedicates his life to supporting others to transcend their limitations and achieve their goals.