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Clowning Around Podcast

Jun 21, 2022

How have we lost touch with our own instincts?  What makes us fundamentally human?  What can we learn from deepening our understanding on what really mattes?  Join Em and her Clown Barbara as we chat how we can change our world by remembering what makes us human.  The book we mention is Human Kind

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Anthony's life lessons of a nomad

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About Anthony Willoughby:

His mission is to help individuals and organizations achieve greater fulfilment and productivity by removing the jargon and meaningless soundbites and unnecessary complexity inherent in most business and social 'speak' and enable them to understand, own, and take personal responsibility for what they really want do to.

We do this through a powerful transformative methodology called Territory Mapping, which was inspired by conversations with Chibu tribal communities in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Territory Mapping enables participants to clarify and simplify their goals and objectives by harnessing the full power of their brain and instinctive processes and using them in the way they were always designed to be used.

Based on Anthony Willoughby’s 40 years of hands on research we have selected 10 Universal Icons which are as relevant today and as they have been for the last 35,000 years and probably much longer.