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Clowning Around Podcast

Jul 4, 2023

How do you set goals?  Why does that either matter?  How can you be kind to yourself when you are thinking about your own set of goals?  We chat this and so much more on this week’s pod..

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About Heather Barrie:

Heather is the Goal Strategist at Effective Entrepreneurs and take ambitious overwhelmed entrepreneurs on a Goal Mastery Journey that gives them the tools and support to deliver THEIR vision of success – we’re turning SMART on its head and see goal setting from unusual perspectives to make a real impact on entrepreneurs who have a great product, service or brand but who are currently working too hard and not earning their worth!

Heather is also known as the Squirrel Tamer as I help bring some order and focus to the chaos that can bring both genius and challenge to our entrepreneurial world!

Heather finds herself being a published author, green party politician, occasional improv performer, coffee loving EmCee and sea swimmer!