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Clowning Around Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

EAs and PAs  and Vas are at the heart of all good business – these are often the unsung heroes who make everything happen.  Join Em as she chats to Sarah and Marianne as we explore what makes a good EA, why they are vital and how they can play a crucial role in the ever changing business world.  Oh and Barbara joins in and has a revelation

Get in touch with Sarah Howson and Marianne Whitlock:



About Marianne and Sarah:

Marianne Whitlock and Sarah Howson are the Co-Directors of Strategic PA Network and Strategic PA Recruitment. Strategic PA Network, established by Sarah eight years whilst on maternity leave, strives to connect like-minded Assistant professionals. Promoting learning, development, and growth; the network has organically grown over the years into a global community of Assistants. 

Together, Marianne and Sarah went on to co-found Strategic PA Recruitment, utilizing their experience in the administrative profession and their understanding of the complexity and value in the PA/CEO partnership. They have created a search company that offers a bespoke and curated service to businesses across the UK.