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Clowning Around Podcast

Oct 5, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbra as they Clown Around all things Working Wild with Sara and Jeannette.  What does Working Wild mean?  How can we live and work in a far more wild and free way? What does Barbara think of Working Wild? How can we all look at balance and choice as we all shift and change is this ever changing Covid world.  How can we all be braver and much much more..

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LinkedIn: Jeannette (Pritchard) Pearce mbe  - Sara Turnbull

About Jeannette and Sara:

Jeannette Pearce & Sara Turnbull are successful social and serial entrepreneurs and as sustainable business leaders and authors of Better Off Working Wild are widely recognised for their award winning work in:

  • Creating sustainable, successful places and organisations
  • Driving inclusive, resilient caring work culture
  • Growing high impact social purpose

Together they are work activists and wild advocates. Their work is valued for their ability to cut through to the core of complex problems, inspire change and be human, frank and provocative in a kind and caring way.

As sustainable business leaders they have mentored and supported around 1,200 entrepreneurs and small businesses, established training and community events that have reached over 50,000 people and led and managed organisations that have generated in excess of £10m turnover.

So If you’re looking for practical, actionable steps and tools to change your perspective, Better Off Working Wild is the ultimate resource. Jam -packed with exercises, thought-analysis ,and soul-searching strategies, this book could be the start of your new journey.