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Clowning Around Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbara as they chat all things Women In Business with Vic.  Why is it still important to be raising the profile of women in business?  What has been her journey to running a successful tech firm?  What role has being a mentor and having a mentor played in her success?  How does she inspire Barbara and her new venture?  How can we all create brilliant trumpet noises?  And much much more….

Victoria’s Social Media:

Instagram: @phrasee


Twitter: @vicpeppiatt

About Victoria:

As Phrasee’s CRO, Vic leads Phrasee’s marketing, sales, customer success and partnerships teams – ensuring all teams are aligned and working together to develop winning AI-powered language optimisation solutions for global household brands.

Phrasee is now a multi-million-pound tech company and the world leader in AI-generated marketing language.

Prior to launching Phrasee, Vic founded and ran The Pink Group, a leading creative and branding agency, for 11 years. Passionate supporter of women in technology, women in business and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Phrasee pioneered the use of AI generated brand language. Its technology is world-leading and used by household consumer brands including Dixons Carphone, Domino’s eBay, Hilton, FARFETCH and Virgin Holidays.

Phrasee’s brand language optimization technology dramatically improves the performance of a brand’s digital communications across consumer-facing channels.

Phrasee uses natural language generation and machine learning to ensure the language created is in a brand’s own voice, but also learns over time what the consumer is engaging with to deliver the right message, every time. In commercial terms, this means more clicks for marketing campaigns, more revenue and more loyal customers.