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Clowning Around Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbara as they chat all things Family Stories.  Why does your family story matter?  How can understanding where you come from really help you in your life right now?  How many Brian’s does Barabra have in her life?  What do teenagers really think about learning about their family stories and much much more

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About Marianna:

She is a former actor, and for over 20 years, she has been helping ensure smooth collaboration and clear communication within organisations. Her specialty is overcoming the challenges organisations face when employees and other stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds and languages.

In addition to training employees of MNCs throughout South-East Asia, She is an award-winning speaker and was a finalist in the 2019 World Championship of Public Speaking.

She has delivered several TEDx talks on communication in workplace. HEr mantra, “English is not an art to be mastered. It’s tool to get results, ” has made my TEDx one of the 70 most viewed worldwide.