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Clowning Around Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things Sober Curiosity.  What does it mean to be Sober Curious?  How has it changed Vicky’s life?  What are the challenges of being Sober Curious?  Will Barbara get to play with Vicky in Australia? How can making sober curious decisions change your life and much much more…

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sober social group – on facebook – The Sober Social for Sober Curious Women

About Vicky

Victoria Vanstone is a British-born mum who lives on The Sunshine Coast in Australia with three noisy children, a very patient husband and a confused dog.

She has been writing about her journey to sobriety and motherhood for the past 3 years and has written a book on sober parenting which is being published later this year.

When she isn’t at her computer, you can find her crying alone in the shower or hiding from her children at a local cafe with a peppermint tea and a large slice of chocolate brownie

Victoria runs a sober social group and hopes her writing will help others questioning their alcohol intake.