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Clowning Around Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

Join Emma Stroud and her Clown Barbara talking all things Humour in Business.  How can you use humour in business?  What stops people allowing humour in the business world?  What can we learn from the world of stand up that can create impact in business?  Will Barbara meet her all time favourite person?  Why does humour matter now more than ever? And much much more…

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About Harriet:

Harriet is a comedian. She’s taken three solo Stand Up Shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, was Funny Women Award semi-finalist and even written a spoof nanny advice book. Harriet’s also a coach, she co-wrote the bestselling business book, ‘Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’ and has been helping individuals and teams unlock their potential for 20 years. And it’s where comedy and coaching intersect that Harriet really comes alive. ‘Humour is the oven glove that helps us handle the seriously hot topics head on’ says Harriet. ‘Life and work gives us the set ups, humour helps us find the payoffs’.