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Clowning Around Podcast

Jul 7, 2020

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Awareness.  How do we become more aware?  In this current world what can we do in life and business?  How is Barbara and Brian a happy accident in awareness?  What can being more aware bring you in your life?

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About Simon

Simon is in the process of founding Sarsen, a not-for-profit aimed at helping to raise individual & collective consciousness to build better relationships and tackle some of the big systemic challenges we’re being asked to meet.  Sarsen is curating a mixture of experiential learning from yearly inquiries to deep dive personal journeys and short sharp retreats.  It’ll also develop a story telling platform, an open platform framework identifying ways into awareness and consciousness and a fund that will there to support people, ideas and tech that can expand consciousness.  Sarsen will be virtual and grounded in nature, home will be a farm outside London offering regenerative agriculture, holistic healing and a retreat centre.  Sarsen is inclusive and open, looking to partner and collaborate to best serve and contribute…and laugh & love together.