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Clowning Around Podcast

May 19, 2020

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Fitness.  What is fitness?  How can we all achieve fitness? Does knitting apply as a good type of cardio fitness? How can we change our mindset in regards to fitness?  Is fitness about getting a big bum? And much more.. 

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More About Em 

Em is a personal trainer based in South West London and Surrey and founder of On Point Training. After having never been the sporty type, she fell into liking exercise after she realised there was more to it than cross country or sitting on the sideline watching everyone else play hockey. 

Since then, her aim is to make people enjoy exercise and see it, not as a 6 week punishment before going on holiday, but as part of your routine and something you more often than not look forward to. As after all, exercise has way more benefits than aesthetics alone. 

She specialises in training women, in particular pre and post natal to build strong mums both physically and mentally. 

Moved to Surrey, near Epsom so available for personal training in that area, training clients at her farm using a mix of farm and gym equipment.