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Clowning Around Podcast

Mar 8, 2022

Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they Clown Around all things Sales and Performance Management with Sam Smith.  How do you create brilliant sales for you and your business?  Why does sales still have negative meanings for so many people?  How can we all learn to love sales?  How does Barbara want to use Sam’s selling skills?  And much much more…

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Twitter: @realsamsm1th


About Sam Smith:

Passionate about connecting talent to work, a little crazy about ensuring brands do it in a way that creates a brilliant experience for everybody. Curious about technology enhancing a humans performance, excited about automation for good and serious about getting the best out of people.

Thrilled to lead KellyOCG in EMEA, proud of the talented people in our business that bring our noble purpose to life and delighted to be a part of a global business that does the right thing. Always