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Clowning Around Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbra as they chat all things Beauty and Entrepreneurship with Jennie Lawson.  How is the beauty industry perceived?  How can we all make choices to be fully sustainable and with no landfill (including PCP) .  What can we all learn about resilience and spirit from Jennies story?  How does Barabra relate to beauty and her relationship with Brian and much much more…

Jennie’s Social Media Handles:

  • Facebook: mimosa beauty – Jennie Dawson
  • Instagram: @mimosabeautysalon / @jenniedawson106
  • LinkedIn: Jennie Lawson

About Jennie Lawson:

 Jennie is a Multi award winning salon owner, self-care advocate and her salon is Eco – 100% landfill free. Her salon is Mimosa is now 10yrs. She also launched Mimosa Sanctuary. Sanctuary is an online self-care space where your mind, body and soul can retreat. From rituals that help you create peace in a moment, to techniques that help you navigate the world of self-care so you have moments just for you. The mimosa sanctuary has it all.