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Clowning Around Podcast

Dec 14, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbara as we talk all things Winging it with Mandy.  What does winging it even mean?  How can she possibly be winging it at anytime considering she was a pilot and now is a public speaker.  Mandy and I share stories of feeling so out of our depth – at The UN, in gas chambers and just in life – if you want to laugh and think then this really is the episode for you. 

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About Mandy Hickson:

Mandy Hickson has over 30 years experience within aviation. In the RAF, she flew the Tornado GR4 on the front line, where she operated in many hostile environments. Mandy is now a highly demanded keynote speaker where she talks with humour and great passion to inspire those around her. Author of best-selling book ‘An Officer, not a Gentleman’ her inspirational journey as a pioneering female fighter pilot.