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Clowning Around Podcast

Feb 14, 2023

We all have been one.  Some of us live with them.  How can we support them through the journey of teenage life?  How can we help them thrive during this time rather than just becoming a nagging parent?  Join Em and Barbara as they chat all these things and so much more with married couple and parents of three Emily and Paul.

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About Emily and Paul:

Emily and Paul run Parent Guide to Education, a membership programme that coaches parents going through GCSE and Post 16 exams with their teens. They give parents the tools they need to support their teen without just nagging them to revise! With over 30 years teaching experience between them, and personal experience having had twin boys go through their exams, they have all the knowledge and experience required to take on the task of helping parents THRIVE rather than SURVIVE these difficult years.