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Clowning Around Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things Authenticity.  How can we really connect with who we really are?  What are the steps to take so we can truly be authentic without it sounding like unicorn poo (though there is nothing wrong with unicorns obv!) What does being authentic mean to Barbara and her world?  How can you be in tune with who you really are at work and in life? And much much more..

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About Erin:

Former Corporate CEO turned Professional Pot-Stirrer, Erin Hatzikostas, is creating a movement to rid the workplace of the BS by helping people and companies see that authenticity can actually be their secret weapon to success.

After becoming a CEO of a 9-figure company at the age of 42 and leading a massive financial and cultural turnaround, Erin decided to walk away and solve what broke her heart: the immense lack of authenticity in the workplace.

She’s now a best selling author, TEDx and keynote speaker, podcast co-host, and coach-sultant that has redefined what it means to be authentic. Her Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity (H.U.M.A.N.S.) turns what feels a bit like fluffy unicorn doo-doo into a much more nuanced, actionable, and powerful concept.

Erin believes that authenticity isn’t a way of being; it’s a way of doing. Authenticity actually isn’t about you either. It’s about the connections, trust, and ultimately, success that comes from doing things less normal, more messy… more human.

Today we scratch the surface on this concept and give you small but powerful steps you can take to start using authenticity as your new secret weapon to success.

Her book, You Do You(ish): Unleash Your Authentic Superpowers to Get the Career You Deserve