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Clowning Around Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbara as they chat all things Fancy Dress.  Why has Nick worn fancy dress for over 100 days?  How does fancy dress help him and you talk about mental health?  What is his favourite costume?  What will Barbara say about all of this?  How can fun and play really help you and your mental health and much much more…

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About Nick:

Nick Jemetta is an award-winning mental health campaigner, speaker, and digital content creator. He is on a mission to show that our potential and happiness are not defined or limited by our mental health.

 In his distinct style, Nick’s inspirational journey from anxious teenage introvert to creator of the nationally recognised fancy dress challenge, is an uplifting, powerful story of hope and positivity.

Delivering talks to businesses, charities, schools, higher education, and the NHS, he demonstrates how to build mental resilience through a proactive approach to wellbeing.

Winning the This Can Happen Future Leader Award in 2019, Nick was described as; “an inspiring leader and change agent, with relentless energy to make a difference in people’s lives. Nick is living proof that change is possible.”

My mental health fancy dress fundraiser. I’d love your listeners to support, have a laugh at the costumes and if they wish to, donate to my charities: