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Clowning Around Podcast

Mar 17, 2020

Join your host Emma and her clown Barbara talking all things Creativity.    What is creativity? Are we all creative?  How do you get into a creative zone?  Does that even exist?

Follow Maisie:

Facebook: @maisiewhiteheadperformance

Instagram: @maisiewhitehead

Twitter: @maisiewhitehead

And her company:

Instagram: @shesaidjumpco

Facebook: @shesaidjump

Twitter: @shesaidjump


More information on Maisie:

Maisie Whitehead is a performer, maker and teacher, working with physical theatre, aerial circus, dance, theatre clown and puppetry. She’s also a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, allotment enthusiast, coffee drinker, tropical fish keeper, lover of board games, meditator, yoga teacher, tree climber and has been known to wield a ukulele.

She’s currently working on a show about grief for her company She Said Jump, which draws on aerial circus and clown to make narrative physical theatre using original aerial equipment.

Also touring with Hikapee’s outdoor circus and puppetry show ‘Look Up’ (spring-autumn) and Filskit Theatre’s show for babies ‘Kaleidoscope’ (spring/summer).