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Clowning Around Podcast

Jan 5, 2021

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Burlesque.  What is Burlesque and how can it change all of us?  How can Burlesque show us who we really are?  How can Barbara get involved with knitting and a burlesque show?  What can we all learn from Burlesque and being ourselves and much much more

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Twitter: @CatLaCohie @VixenDeVille_

About Cat:

Cat LaCohie is multi-talented LA based British actress, live event host and award winning variety Burlesque performer, “Vixen DeVille” specializing in fire-eating, glass-walking, aerial hoop, and magic.

In addition to multiple appearances on TV’s, “Masters Of Illusion”, her solo stage show “Vixen DeVille Revealed” toured the US in 2019 picking up multiple awards and is currently being produced as a TV special.

The world of burlesque has helped Cat to walk around the world unapologetically owning both her successes and her shortcomings and her passion is to help others to do the same. In addition to performing for audiences, Cat also teaches her craft to students all over the world, in person and online, both privately 1-on-1and in supportive group workshop environments. Her format is designed for bodies of ALL ages, abilities, shapes and sizes, to break free of others’ restrictive and damaging labels and, to instead, access their inner badass,

                      …their inner goddess,

                                            …their inner Vixen!

Cat’s own unique blend of Burlesque performance technique, fused with elements of Physical Theatre, Stand-up, Public Speaking, and Theatre Creation is perfect for anyone looking to free themselves up, rediscover themselves, and embrace a sense of play. Whether gaining to confidence to step out onto the Burlesque stage, or out of your own front door, this work provides the individual a new found freedom of self-expression, without shame or judgement. It provides the ability to be seen, to eradicate insecurities and in come cases even prove doctors wrong.