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Clowning Around Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Psychology.  What does Psychology really offer you and the world in general?  What tips and tools can we use in this Covid world to help our mental health?  How does Barbara use Mindfullness already and how can she write a book with Doctor Hayley?  What one tool would she suggest that we can all use will help us feel happy?

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About Dr Hayley

Over twenty years’ experience as a professional Chartered Clinical Psychologist, with seven years as Consultant and Clinical Director for the West London Mental Health NHS Trust Women’s Secure Service with clinical work covering Broadmoor, Rampton and The Orchard.

Concurrent and extensive private work includes assessment and treatment delivered individually and group based programmes for a diverse range of high profile clients, including board members, senior executives, sports and media personalities, and senior civil servants.

Since leaving the NHS in 2014, my company Elenchus Limited has grown to be the Expert Witness partner of choice for an expanding clientele of professional legal firms.

With an absolute passion for mental health, I have always idealised how I could make a big difference regarding mental health in society. The idea of Wellbeing Mental Health Ltd was born many years ago with a simple vision, to “harness the power of business to erase the stigma.”

We talked about the brilliant Paul Gilbert and his work found here: