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Clowning Around Podcast

Aug 2, 2022

What is it like to live with Bipolar?  How can life be influenced when you live with Bipolar?  What and how can we support those with that live with Bipolar?  Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat this and so much more…

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About Jamie Forsyth:

Jamie Is an award-winning Wellbeing Coach, Mental Health First Aid instructor and founder of The Wellbeing Geek.

He could write a book about his life so far (probably a tragic comedy !) if he didn’t have the writing skills of a toddler.

From Prison Officer to Prison, from bi-polar to suicide attempts and from denial to diagnosis, the journey I have taken has been a rollercoaster for myself, my family and friends.

I candidly talk about the effect of mental ill-health and the direct influence stigma can have on decision making and dealing with a diagnosis.